Liability Waiver

Liability Waiver

By signing this form you are legally releasing The Red Bicycle Srl and staff (from here on referred to as “The Red Bicycle”) from any responsibility that should arise in the event of an accident that occurs whilst you are under their supervision.


This is legally binding under the following circumstances:

  1. That you are aware of the condition and full working order of the equipment that has been supplied by The Red Bicycle.
  2. That you are able to cycle a bicycle unaided, unless under constant supervision from an adult or person responsible other than the guide.
  3. That you are personally responsible for the safety and well being of yourself and those that are under your care.
  4. That The Red Bicycle cannot be held responsible for any damages, injuries or deaths that occur due to improper/negligent behavior whilst under our supervision.
  5. That you follow the guides instructions and pay attention to safety signals being supplied by your guide.
  6. That you wear a helmet.


The Red Bicycle Srl and its staff adhere to the following conditions for this waiver to be valid:

  1. To make sure that provided bicycle and safety equipment is in perfect working order and suitable for participant.
  2. That the participant is able to cycle unaided or under the supervision of an adult or person responsible for their care.
  3. To impart clear and concise instructions when crossing or cycling on roads, turning left or right, coming to a stop or any particular circumstance which requires due care and attention.
  4. To be aware of slower/less able participants who may be at the back of the group and need more time to cycle in safety.
  5. To insist that participants stay close together and do not separate from the group.
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